10 High Profile People Who Like to Get High

A lot of the common people desire to live like the rich and the famous. But various of those high-profile individuals enjoy kicking back and enjoying marijuana, same as the rest of us. They just light their bowls with their pinkies up, resting by the saltwater pool outside of their twenty-room mansion. Jealousy aside, here’s an assortment of top profile people who desire to get high.

1. U.S. Presidents

In terms in reference to high profile people who want to get high, you can’t get considerably more “famous” than United States presidents.

Bill Clinton asserted he never inhaled. Barack Obama affirmed for The U.S.A. that for him, that was the point. There have actually been quite a few presidents that have actually been known to play around with the dank.

Most certainly, right now none would get nabbed doing so, but maybe one day there certainly may be a smoking circle in the Oval Office.

2. Jay-Z

Jay-Z may not hit the weed just like he used too back the moment he dropped “Izzo”, however that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten his good buddy, weed.

His individual usage may have waned with parenting and keeping his marriage with Beyoncé intact, but Jay-Z nonetheless advocates adamantly with regard to the legalization of grass.
In his viewpoint, which in turn the New York Times thought crucial enough to publicize, legalizing weed might be really a step in the right position to concluding the War on Drugs.

3. Kareem Abdule-Jabbar

Look, when headed into a life of pro athletics– keep something in your mind. The majority of the national leagues test for weed and bring about strong punishments to individuals which test positive. How about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?

Abdul-Jabbar doesn’t need to hide his routine to spare his status any longer. Now, this particular all-star just proudly shows his prescription and hits heights higher up than the mesh.

Even together with the most factors in NBA record, this guy still could not get away with weed possession or use while in the league. No troubles.

4. Roseanne Barr

Proponent and end user for her own instance of glaucoma, the star and 2012 presidential political candidate has ambitions and plans to start up her very own dispensary named Roseanne’s Joint in Santa Ana, CA.
5. Madonna

Lately the world has experienced a 90’s comeback. Accompanying with the rekindling of the Tanner family in Netflix’s Fuller House, Roseanne Barr has certainly made a television return.
But her self-titled show on Amazon Prime isn’t the only thing keeping her busy.

However, she still tries to keep it authentic and lights up occasionally. That’s right: Madonna is a single of the high-profile individuals who love to get high.
Her lax perspective and exceptional parental discussions on drugs may well be why marijuana using has become a family affair.

Mommies with young children or adolescents smoke up– perhaps even the very most elegant moms. Madonna may live in a “Material World” the remainder of us will never ever see.

6. Ricky Williams

Williams left the NFL prior to making the Hall of Fame. In fact, regardless of missing out that chance, Williams does certainly not fluctuate in his position on weed.

Retired running back with the NFL, Ricky Williams endorses legalization or regulation of cannabis. Soon after being ousted from the organization for screening positive for medical marijuana in 2006, he has preserved his placement on the pot.

He professes, “when I use cannabis, it allows me to make connections … that give my life meaning. I’m really passionate about making the world a better place.”
He’s certainly assisting make the world a greener place, starting with professional football.

7. Bill Gates

It might remarkably well be that this particular OG’s association to dank OG may have been simply the medicine to keeping him right-minded during his job.

Although an advocate of legalization in his own state of Washington, Gates remains quiet about his own personal usage. Nonetheless, individuals working for weed reform will take the support of the world’s first billionaire.

Countless bright-eyed geeks anxious to kick off a start-up study up what makes Microsoft inventor Bill Gates successful.

Individuals all over the USA wake up and tune into the gaggle of ladies hosting The View. But one of those charming women likes to always keep it lifted.

8. Whoopi Goldberg

Partnering with Maya Elisabeth of Om Edibles, Whoopi has actually launched a new health care pot company. These experts offer topical and edible product lines to relieve signs and symptoms like monthly period cramps. Maybe one day Whoopi could promote for which live studio audience on The View.

Whoopi Goldberg has certainly never been shy concerning indulging in a little bit of green. However nowadays, she ascends to an even higher plane of existence.

9. Sarah Silverman

High profile people who love to get stoned hardly ever come as forthright as her. Entertainer Sarah Silverman certainly never hides her affection for Mary Jane.

Whether she hits a vape pen on the red carpet or she enjoys a smoke sesh with her parents, this celebrity of I Love You, America speaks out for marijuana’s legalization. And she does so with class and sass.

10. Conor McGregor

Discovered recently making a chill coffee shop purchase of weed, this trash-talking prizefighter appreciates his fair share of high-grade bud.

When It Comes To Conor McGregor, whether in or out of the ring, marijuana is well worth a battle. But when the great stuff is legal like on a visit to Amsterdam, he doesn’t have to.